Gynecology clinic Israel, Dr. Shmulman Tel: 972 3 5372018


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The gynecology clinic was established by Dr. Shmulman at 2008. He treats the patients personally, with great care and patience based on his vast experience. The specializations are: medical consultations, laboratory analysis, colposcopy, electrocoagulation, condylomas removal, insertion of the spiral and abortion (till 12 weeks).

The picture of Dr. Michael Shmulman

Dr. Michael Shmulman is a member of Israeli association of Gynecology and Obstetrics. He has 30 years experience in the field. Dr. Shmulman began his career in Moscow where he had worked as a gynecologist in the hospital number 68 for 10 years.

After immigration to Israel he worked additional 25 years in Israeli hospitals. Starting in "Soroka Medical Center" in Ber-Sheva and later on in central Israel at "Kaplan Medical Center" in Rehovot. Currently Dr. Shmulman is working at "Clalit" and "Leumit" Health Services Funds in central Israel. Additionally he has a private clinic in Rishon LeTsiyon.


Rothschild St 34 Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
Located a 5 minutes walk from
Old Central Rishon LeTsiyon Bus Station
Tel. 03-5372018

Working hours

Monday      from 16:00 to 19:00
Wednesday from 12:00 to 14:00

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Parking area

Pay parking on the Bialik street marked on the map with the "P" sign

English map

      The clinic is signed with the red dot.
(Placed in the Dr. Lishnevski Medical Center)

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Cost (Including Tax) Description
Medical consultation
350 shekels
A medical examination, ultrasound examination and treatment assignment.
    Menopause treatment
    Disorders of menstrual cycle
    Inflammatory diseases
    Fungal diseases
    Contraceptive counseling and selection
    Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (discretely)
Urgent laboratory analysis
Starting from 200 shekels
Starting from 500 shekels
The price includes:
    The inspection of the cervix with an optical instrument (colposcope)
    Biopsy sampling if necessary
Laboratory analysis of biopsy is for additional cost between 300 - 500 shekels
Starting from 700 shekels
Searing of affected cervical areas (if necessary) after receiving the results of biopsy.
Condylomas removal (diathermocoagulation)
Starting from 700 shekels
Depending on the prevalence and number of procedures.
Insertion of the spiral
Starting from 550 shekels
Starting from 3500 shekels
Price includes:
    Preliminary inspection
    Hospital surgery room
    The surgery with assistance of professional anesthesiologist